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This post has been archived

This post has been archived


2 months ago



A noob asking for help ( trying to lose thigh fat)

I've been doing the 30 day lean thighs challenge for 4 days and currently on day five, and I don't feel like I'm getting results or have lost any thigh at all especially my inner thighs. Am I doing something wrong? ( I will be 18 soon, and I just want to be a little leaner in my legs and not have my thighs touch when I sit or walk) My current measurements are: Inner thighs= 23 & 1/2 inches middle of my thighs = 21 inches and just for farts and giggles hips= 38 &1/2 inches Just asking for help

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Hi there - I would recommend joining this conversation and please know that 5 days is way too short of a time to expect results. You aren't doing anything wrong and progress takes time!