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This post has been archived

This post has been archived


a month ago



Any advice on how to lose lower belly fat?

Hi everyone! So, I officially started doing Chloe Ting workouts about a month ago, mainly targeting abs. I'm already somewhat fit considering I've been going to basketball trainings for over a year and have gained a lot of muscle on my legs and arms, so I'm not new to working out; however, my biggest struggle are my abs. The most fat I have on my body is on my lower belly and it's really hard to get rid of. I'm fully aware it's a slow process that takes time and effort (especially since I'm only a month in) and there's no such thing as "spot reducing fat" but I was curious if y'all had any tips or pointers on how to speed up the process a bit. Thanks and good luck with your workouts đź’—

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