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a month ago



Feeling like there are no results

I feel so bad, I started with 2019 2 week shred and lost almost 2kg-s, then I did few days 2020 2 week shred, but stopped because of stressful period, also got my period and then went on a trip with my friends where we ate unhealthy foods, like McDonald's etc, I gained everything back (almost 2kgs that I had lost). Started again from 70kg. My goal is 68 kgs at first and then 65 kgs. I just feel so bad, that I gained everything back just in few days and it kinda makes me stressed because my friends can enjoy foods etc and eat and not gain that weight but as soon as I eat more and unhealthy, I gain the weight back so fast. Started again with 2020 2 week shred yesterday and hope to get to 68kg again. I need some motivation and to know if someone has had similar experiences and still got to where they wished.


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