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13 days ago

Metabolism changed?

Hallo girls, I started the do the get peachy program and I'm on week 2, started to eat healthier 3 weeks ago and I lost 2 kg. What I noticed is that I used to loose weight faster years ago while now my body is stopping to loose weight. I always had loads of food and snacks whenever I wanted and I was fit. Now after some years(after a sedentary life from covid to now) my body looks and reacts differetly to execrcises and to a diet. I'm now 30, I don't know what to do in order for me to carry on loosing weight like I used to 3 years ago. I' m worried that it might be because I always had too much food and snacks, maybe I ruined my metabolism. Does anyone had the same problem o does someone know what I can do to loose weight like I used to do before? (edited by moderator)


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