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2 months ago



Hitting a plateau

Hi! English isn't my native language so sorry if the grammar is a bit funky. Anyway, the reason for this opening was to discuss about plateaus in training/weight loss. I'm currently struggling with my first plateu in this journey and my progress pictures have looked the same for three weeks or so. At first I wasn't freaking out about this because I do still see progress in my ability to perform the workouts and have f. Ex. increased weights last week. I also increased my calories a bit since I was burning more and didn't want to feel hungry (I should still be able to lose a pound in a week according to my food tracking app). So it could be that my body is just adjusting itself to this new situation. However I also recognize that I am very visually motivated and not seeing visual progress for almost a month is slowly starting to get to me. Has anybody else experienced this? Did you have to change something to get to the other side of the plateau or did your body just sort itself out eventually?


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