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9 months ago



How I was able to get into the splits

Many years ago, I wasn't very flexible at all. I was the weakest member of my dance competition team, but then something changed, and I wanted to share this advice with anyone who wants to try to get more flexible and get into the splits. First of all, if you aren't doing Chloe's cooldowns after the workout, please start doing them! Not just for flexibility reasons. This will help you avoid injury and stiffness! In dance class, we would always start with sitting in a low lunge for about a minute, then get into a low lunge with our palms on the floor, hold that for a minute, and then bring our elbows down in the same lunge and hold that. After that, you can try to slide into a split. It was important that we did these stretches gradually to avoid injury, Repeat the lunges and splits for both sides each day until it gets easier. This didn't happen for me overnight, but the consistent stretching helped my flexibility. I even did stretch and strengthening classes on the weekends because I really wanted to get flexible. I also learned another tip: she told me to sit in front of the television while in a low squat. Just sit in front of the tv and watch a show while in this squat. It'll be hard at first but it will get easier over time. Now that over 10 years have passed, I'm going to work on my splits again! Anyone else on the splits journey? What tips have you found?


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