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14 days ago



How to deal with working out in hot weather?

Hi! I'm pretty new to exercise, and I started the 2022 get and challenge (I'm in the middle of a workout right now. . I just got distracted whoops), forgetting that it's summer in Australia. I'm disappointed in myself that it makes so much of a difference for me, but I've always had a hard time I the heat. My air conditioning isn't very good and doesn't reach my workout space Recently it got to a point where I got really dizzy and couldn't finish the workout, and I'm having to take long breaks that I wouldn't have to take if it were cooler (again, I should *really* finish my workout 😶‍🌫️). It doesn't help that I have a fever right now. . . I'm taking it easy, don't worry. Is there any way to manage this? I know it's obviously possible because- well- Chole is also working out in Australian summer, but I'm really trying to have fun with this and my grudge against the heat is making it near impossible. Sorry if it just sounds like I'm complaining about the weather lol, I'll go do my 10 minute HIIT 😅


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