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2 months ago



how to get slim thighs

Hi, i am 13 years old, i weigh 110 lb (108 if im dieting), and i am 5'7. i am not too skinny, but a little underweight and thin (i've been told by my doctor to try to gain a few lbs and eat more). i've been told a few times by my friends that i have an hourglass shape. i've been trying to get toned out and build muscle for at least a year now, and i would say that im on the right track and pretty much accomplished that (there are visible abs; a six pack and muscle on my arms). but my thighs are a bit more big. i don't know if that's just because of my body shape, but it bothers me a bit and i've been trying to work them out but nothing really seems to be working in the long run. im currently finishing up the 2019 summer shred challenge and i am planning on doing the booty challenge afterwards. please tell me any recommendations you might have for workouts, workout programs, or anything else. (even food related). thanks!


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