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2 months ago



How to stay consistent, motivated and organized?

Hi guys, sorry for a longer post. I'm looking for some recommendations about staying consistent and motivated through a workout plan. I started doing Chloe's workouts this summer and I've gotten to the day 19/28. However, although I did notice some improvements in my strength and ability to do exercises I couldn't do properly at the beginning, and I always finished the workouts, I didn't enjoy it at all. Eventually, I gave up and haven't started anything new since. Even though I am not overweight (168cm and 68kg), I've put on 10 kg since I moved from home 2 years ago. The thing is, I don't really move much because I go to university and work from home, so I spend most of the day sitting. Accordingly, I don't really have a motivation and physical strength to move my body and therefore stay consistent even if I begin working out. I don't feel comfortable in my body (I never really did, but now especially) and a lot of clothes doesn't fit me anymore. I don't feel good about my eating habits, but I find it hard to manage my time well enough to cook healthy meals because I literally just work or sit at uni or do my homework, and when I have some "free" time I am beyond exhausted to exercise and cook or eat at all. Any tips for improving my fitness journey and becoming more organized in making healthy decisions and staying consistent? Thank you! ! ♥ (edited by moderator)


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