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2 months ago



How to stay persistant during your challenge.

I have some tips for you guys. You can believe me it helps. 1) Always start your workout at the same time. Don't start your challenge if you feel uncomfortable with anything. 2) Give yourself time to rest. If you don't want to do workout today, then skip this day workout But get back at the same time (see 1 advise) 3) Set some goal. Inspire. Make some photos of your progress, share it with your close one's or family and friends, maybe find anyone who have the same goal as you. Go on Pinterest and look for something that inspires you. Always get back to what inspires you and share your struggles with anyone. Have some support. 4) Give yourself some rest points. Do not cancel everything that bothers you during your way to the body you want. Have a cheat meal. Buy some new fitness clothes or equipment. You can even miss one of the challenge day if it makes you happier. Also, rest during the workout. For example, when it's hard for me to do my workout I end up the exercise before 5 seconds till the whole exercise is over. That way I can rest and also do part of exercise effectively. 5) Music. Make a song list that will boost your energy during workout and put it all in the playlist. You can also find some sport playlist in any music app you're listen to. 6) Remeber that the result you are waiting for you can see after 2 weeks of everyday workout. Every goal (even smaller one) it's you work. 7) Don't compare yourself with other people. Everyone has their own body and when you are comparing it's easier to gave away. People are different and that's everything you need to know about others body features and appearance. In my experience I gave up so many times. But I am motivated enough right now to keep on going. And I don't know will I ever gave up later. For example, yesterday I didn't want to do the second round of the same booty-challenge video. And I gave myself time to stop in the middle of my workout. I have had an additional rest and have as many times as I was needed to continue. I was ready to continue after 10 minutes of my rest. And I had done all the exercise. Hope my advices helps you. Have a nice workout, guys :) (edited by moderator)


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