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3 months ago



I decided to start working out and I’m already seeing results

Hey everyone, so I decided to save money and do my workouts through Chloe Ting. After 6 days of working out, my extremely large stomach has decreased. I almost did a double take when I looked in the mirror. I am also drinking a gallon of water which I believe helps to speed up my metabolism and rids me of my water weight. I've struggled with my weight for a few years. 3 more weeks to go for the 2023 weight loss program and then I will either do the abs 2 week program or the get shred program. I want to lose weight but I'm not sure how much since I've never seen myself toned. I'm so excited for this journey. Also, I'm on accutane and that can impact your joints so I love the alternative workout options that Chloe provides. Cheers to us! (edited by moderator)


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