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8 months ago

Chloe's Programs

Chloe's Programs

I Completed and Reviewed Every Single Chloe Ting Challenge. Here are my thoughts...

Hi guys, as the title says, I have completed every single Chloe Ting fitness challenge and video (apart from the live streams) and reviewed them in a google sheet. I'm leaving the link here: People can use this to decide which challenge they would like to do next. The fitness programme tab has my opinion and scores for the challenges where as the stand alone are for the workout videos which are not part of any programme. Yes, I reviewed ALL videos, even the ones thst go wayyyy... back. Enjoy and let me know what you think; Sorry if some of my comments are repetitive. Also please remember, these are just my opinions. We all have different strengths and weaknesses but also, my fitness was improving as I did these videos.


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