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3 months ago



How can I stay motivated when I'm not seeing results?

Doing the 2023 weight loss challenge help me lose weight? . I just started today my legs feel weak and I don't feel that much burn in my core even if I activate it is that normal? . Please motivate me so I can continue👏. I can't help but these thoughts say that am doing this for nothing and I won't lose weight how do I stop them? . Please give me any tips and love I don't want to be on this journey alone ❤❤. And is eating 2 egg tacos with a bit of cheese good for me on this journey? (For breakfast) is chicken and just rice good for dinner? I workout around 4pm or 3pm before dinner. And I finish dinner around 5pm or 6pm take a shower and sleep at 7pm of 8pm. Am I doing a good job? . And how much water should I drink before breakfeast (edited by moderator)


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