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This post has been archived

This post has been archived


2 months ago



I NEED EMOTIONAL SUPPORT RIGHT NOW (Please tell me what I need to know, not what I want to know).

Okay so hey everyone, I'm Elizabeth and I'm currently in year 12. Today is the 6th, school opens in three days and I'm here. Anyways, I am glad. For the longest time (and still counting), I have been insecure about my weight. I am currently weighing 83 kg and I want to lose a bit of weight. I am not sure whether I am going to go on a fitness journey, like officially but I want to drop some weight. However, it is really so hard, and I haven't even started the challenge. It's just, from my previous trying's, I would not finish my workouts and would give up. and then I gain more weight, which made it more stressful. Then I tried to just stop working out and just love my body. However now I'm just continuing to gain more weight and it has very much affected me. Even when I was 76 kg, I could still do some things but now, I could find the heaviness of my weight. Simple things like running, I felt a bit embarrassed because I was running with all of this heavy weight. What's more is that my family, sometimes they call me fat. I wasn't hurt, it's just it bothered me so much. This was during the period; I began to love my curves. I loved my body the way it was and then this happened, and I felt stupid forever thinking that my body was okay. People would kindly tell me to lose weight. But since I found it hard, I just didn't lose the weight.

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Hi there, this post was archived because it doesn't promote discussion nor is it a discussion topic. You could try focusing on one part of your message and ask others to share their experiences. Good luck on your fitness journey!