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6 months ago



How can I stay consistent in the long term?

All my life, even after birth of my son, I always was 52kg. And everyone around were always wondering why do I eat and do not gain weight. But everything changed after heavy surgery and becoming a web developer. As long as it was a start of my career and I was very excited about it, at first I spent 12-15 hours a day coding. As a result in less than one year I discovered a depression and huge weight gain. I become 62kg. 2 years I couldn’t accept it and couldn’t go back to my weight. First I thought that the reason was heavy hormonal medication that I took, then I thought something was wrong with my digestion. And after 2 years of crying, starting diets and workouts, stopping them and giving up, I finally accepted myself. Last two years gave me +2kg. I was 64kg. And this weight wasn’t moving. Max weight loss that I had was 3kg. But I usually gain it back in several days. Then I started to understand, that it’s not how it works. I’ll never be able to become healthier and prettier in a week, two, or even in a month. It needs at least one year of consistent work… at least I understood that. Because in heart I always believed that I need to work out only 2 eeeks or a month and then I can go back to eating and sleeping. And last week I started eating a lot of fast food and instantly felt that I can no longer fit in my clothes. I tried to see if a gain a weight, and I saw that now I’m 65kg. That was awful, I finally understood that there’s no limit in gaining extra weight and fat(((( it was yesterday. So today it’s my attempt to change myself and my life number …. But I started weight loss challenge 2019. Wish me consistency, guys, because now I have a huge stomach, that resists even harder than before and I almost can’t do exercises well(((((((. (edited by moderator)


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