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2 months ago

Chloe's Programs

Chloe's Programs

Is the 2024 Weight Loss Challenge right for smaller/younger people?

Disclaimer: I appreciate all advice, but please be respectful and judgement free in the comments! Hi everyone! I've already posted something similar to this, but I just want to get my question out there. I'm 14, and I'm 5'1 and my weight fluctuates between 95-98 lbs. I'm not THAT underweight, but skinny enough for my doctor to tell me to gain a few pounds for my health. I'm currently trying to eat more meals and break my habit of skipping as well as hyperfixation on my body. However, I still want to do the 2024 weight loss challenge, but to change the goal to toning and health rather than weight loss. I've been eating 3 meals a day and trying not to skip, as well as eating higher-calorie healthy foods. However, this challenge still focuses on weight loss, which is something I probably don't need. Yet I'm out of shape, and want to do this for my overall health, as well as a better figure and shape. I have not been advised not to workout, but have been told to gain weight. Should I do Chloe's workouts? If so, should I continue with the 2024 one? Should I do a different challenge? Happy to hear your advice. (edited by moderator)


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