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This post has been archived


a month ago

Chloe's Programs

Chloe's Programs

Just finished 2019 2 week shred, which 2 week shred should I do next?

So I've just completed the 2019 2 week shred, and really enjoyed it! It was my first Chloe Ting challenge. My goal is to do all of Chloe's 2 week shreds back to back with short breaks in between, of course. My question is, which 2 week shred should I do next as a smooth progression from the 2019 shred that I just completed - should I first move onto the 2020 shred, or 2021 shred? I've heard the 2021 is the easiest one out of the three, and that the 2020 is the most difficult. The 2019 was not an easy challenge at all, but I could definitely get through it without low impact variations or splitting the videos across a longer time period, etc. Thanks! !

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The general consensus of the community is that, from "easiest" to "hardest," it goes '19 - '21 - '20. It's all relative though! Good luck :)