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3 months ago



Sharing my own motivation tips

Helloooo lovelies! I am currently doing the 2019 2 weeks shred challenge (my first challenge but I have done many other workouts before from Chloe as well as others). I’ve got to say her workouts are no joke (dead by the time I finish everyday). I am not exactly enjoying the workout but when I’m doing it I’m motivated to continue. It’s hard to start the workout for the day but once you start you are definitely energised. When I do the challenge I actually put on the music from my own own playlist because I am a huge music lover and when I love a particular song so much, the pain feels lesser (but make sure to do the exercise properly! ) you can try it too! And i way i motivate myself is to watch before-after videos at the start of the day or just before my workout timing. I think for most we feel motivated when we see people who are the same body type/ shape/ etc. so this will definitely help! I hope we can all do this together! Let me know what you do! (edited by moderator)


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