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2 months ago

Chloe's Programs

Chloe's Programs

My hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and Chloe Ting challenges

Hi! My name is Dinara and I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It's genetic. For my whole life since I knew my diagnosis, doctors told me I shouldn't do any athletic exercises (except yoga). So I didn't. But though I had my heart surgery done and also I'm on beta-blocker and I have a cardioverter, I still had episodes of fainting and I always experienced breathlessness. Overall my life was hard and full of stress. I knew I had to have some kind of sports in my life despite my doctor's warning. And I found Chloe Ting ❤️ It was soooo hard and scary at first! Thankfully there's a lot of low impact alternatives for the exercises. Although I have just one challenge completed, I do single workouts from time to time. And also I'm on the 20th day of 2023 Hourglass Challenge right now 🎉0 days skipped, I'm staying consistent! What's really important for me is that I feel the results. I no longer suffocate or faint. I feel myself much better, stronger and more confident. My cardiologist was VERY surprised by the improvement that I had on my ultrasound results. So I keep going fearlessly (but carefully! ). By this post I wanna say thank you. Thank you so so so much, Chloe! p. s. Although I feel so good right now, I wouldn't recommend ignoring medical recommendations. If there's somebody with some heart condition reading this, please consult your doctor before starting workouts ❤️ If anyone else in the community has hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, please share your story as well! (edited by moderator)


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