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3 months ago



I’ve been fighting with my weight and body image since high school…

Hi ! Sorry to complain here but I wanted to share my feelings. And if someone is also feeling down, we're in this together. Today I'm feeling depressed. Because yesterday I ate a pain au chocolat for morning, I ate Chinese food (pork rib and rice and 4 nems) and two portions of rice with red beans and vegetables at night. I also eat 2 slices of raclette cheese with bread. And I was still hungry. . . So i watched a lot of mukbang videos and was scrolling uber eats for a long time before I could go to sleep. This morning i weight myself : 82. 5p kg. I feel so desperate. Like I would never lose this fucking weight. I feel fine outside but I'm crying inside. . . I hope I will be better tomorrow. . . Not everything is dark. Like I succeed to complete yesterday workout even if I didn't want to so it. I did it before midnight. And I'm feeling stronger. And I didn't order food. My life outside is also great so i should be grateful and be proud. But I'm feeling tired and depressed netherheless. . . . 31 years old and I'm fighting with my weight and body image since high school. . . (edited by moderator)


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