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2 months ago



How to manage portion sizes

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything:) I'm 15 years old, 5'6, and I'm 83kg. I eat relatively healthy. I wouldn't say I like takeout or fizzy drinks or anything. I tend to eat mostly at home cooked meals, and I enjoy soups, fruits, and legumes: mushrooms, cauliflowers, and foods like that. However, I only have this one issue, and that issue is portion size. When somebody serves me a plate, I must finish this plate, but that never happens. It is like a psychological endeavour for me, whether it's too much or not. And that if I am served a plate, I must finish it. And I struggle with that because my food is healthy; it is just the portion size of it. I always tell myself to eat half the plate or eat the salad and leave the rice. When I serve myself, I serve it reasonably sized for someone my age. And then, sometimes, I go and have seconds. Even though I didn't need to have seconds, I just went to go and have seconds because I went to go and have seconds. I'm asking if anyone has any tips or has gone through this themselves. Or ideas on how to stop this? (edited by moderator)


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