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18 days ago

Chloe's Programs

Chloe's Programs

Program Recommendations for someone with chronic back pain!

Hello everyone! I am coming close to the 2024 weight loss challenge and after a short rest I would like to do another. This is my first experience with one of these workout programs and it was really fun, and I would like to do another but I’m not sure which one I would do with the right intensity level for me. I suffer with back problems (Lumbar Lordosis and Minor Lumbar Scoliosis) which has been causing me significant back pain and I am having ongoing physio to deal with this but I have a few goals from my doctors such as strengthening my core, legs and to lose weight. I need something which isn’t going to be too intensive, the 2024 challenge was just about right where I need to be and gave me a lot of alternatives for exercises which I couldn’t complete. Does anyone have any recommendations? (Don’t worry I’m taking it easy and only doing what i can without pushing myself too hard! ) Thanks in advance!


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