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This post has been archived

This post has been archived

Tips to get rid of belly fat

I will give you some tips to get rid of belly fat: 1- Avoid eating sugars 2- Avoid cooking oil 3- Avoid soft drinks 4- Stay away from white flour 5- Stay away from pasta and Indomie 6- Stay away from fat 7- Stay away from fast food Now you will say what I eat There are many delicious healthy meals such as: 1- Oatmeal pancake or crepe recipes 2- Toast recipes such as French toast or Cinnabon toast 3- Grilled chicken breasts 4- 8 tablespoons white rice 5- Dark chocolate 6- Nuts of all kinds 7- Fruits and vegetables Continue this for a month, 28 days, and your belly will go away, no matter its size There is Chloe Ting's 28 Day Flat Belly Challenge 2021 Follow what I said, avoid what I said, and do this challenge, and your belly will go away safely I hope I helped you. Goodbye

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