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7 months ago



Losing weight while nursing

I am 4 months post partum and would love to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. I just started the weightloss 2023 challenge. I didnt do much for working out after i had my baby besides walking on the treadmill. I still have 20lbs to go. I have been stuck at the same weight for a month and a half now. I nurse and pump throughout the day so i can't be on a caloric deficit. I also work at starbucks 4 days a week. I usually get a hot grande sugar cookie almond milk latte with 2 pumps of sugar cookie and 2 pumps of sugar free vanilla. I work pretty early some days so i need the extra shot of espresso too lol i get 7 free food items a week too and getting sick of the spinich fetta wraps :/ any suggestions? (edited by moderator)


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