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2 months ago



Your Limits

I just wanted to say to everyone who's doing these workout programs to know their own limits and strengths. I stopped working out 2 and a half months ago and decided to work out at the beginning of January. When I did the first workout of the 2024 Weight Loss Challenge, I noticed that I wasn't able to do the high-intensity exercises that I was able to do 2 months ago. When you give your body a break for a long time, your body isn't used to doing the highly intense things as it was before. (That's my belief. ) With me, I have to start from the beginning, by doing basic exercises that I can do. Russian twists, bicycle crunches, planks, anything that's easy. You can't always start these high intense challenges without knowing your strengths and weaknesses. I'm doing the 2019 Flat Belly Challenge. The first video was easy but the second was hard. It's okay to not complete a video and still mark it as complete even if you did it halfway. You should think you did the impossible. And honestly, that's okay. Try to figure out what your weaknesses and strengths are before you start a challenge. You got this random strangers!


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