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a month ago



How can I customize a challenge schedule?

Hello All, I have a workout schedule for myself according to my own desires which is Monday Upper Body Tuesday Lower Body Wednesday rest Thursday Cardio Friday full body Saturday Rest Sunday - Cardio (and the rest repeats) Im currently doing the 2023 Hourglass challenge but ive noticed this routine doesnt correlate with ChloeTings workout schedule at all. e. g. the days for rest, im doing cardio. Should I stop using the website and just find her videos on youtube and follow them as needed? My problem with that though is that for each type of workout, it varies each week so how would i do that? For example, toned arms and back + core and upper body one week but for another its Toned arms and back+toned arms specifically another week and the variation continues Would appreciate any help, thank you! (edited by moderator)


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