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16 days ago



2024 Get Toned Challenge Team

Hello! ! I'm thinking of doing the 2024 get toned challenge and I'm looking to create a team. I tried it before and I learned many things about it that I didn't know before. I want to try it again! I'm serious about it. I request that those who do the team with me, PLEASE follow the daily. When you skip the days and mark the rest days off in advance it messes up the schedule with the rest of the team and we will be at risk of being dropped because you are trying to achieve things faster (which is a disadvantage to your teammates). Serious members who are willing to do this with me please feel free to join! I will be following it by it's proper daily schedule. I am open to messaging as well. Feel free to join! I have no specific preferences besides those. I look forward to being in a team with you! Let's do our best! Here's the link if you agree with these terms!


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