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3 months ago



casual, postive and supportive ed recovery team

A team that will be supportive and positive to those in ed recovery. I'm currently doing the 2023 hour glass challenge but I'm more looking to find a group of people to help support and bring positivity to each other for being in ed recovery and finding balance and doing healthy exercise. I've been in recovery for over a year(on my own) and want to help provide people with the support and community I wish I had. any ages welcome! ( I am 17 if anybody wants to know) casual! supportive! friendly! mental and physical health focus! positive! any point in recovery of any ed type is welcomed! (I struggle with anorexia, bulimia, and orthorexia, but am recovering! ) I am not supporting ed! ! I am looking to help those of us with one recover and have a group to help! though this does not replace professional help at all, but I understand what it's like to not have access to professional help so I want to help those like me


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