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3 months ago



Searching for a full team!! <3

Heyy,, i've been searching for team partners for a couple days now but it seems that everyone is either ghosting me or just cant respond so im setting up my own team because i want to get started this weekend! A little about me (TW): I'm 16 and have had really bad depressive episodes lately because of exam stress. I've started four challenges this year and never finished after the halfway point because of how bad its gotten. I feel like setting up a team will help motivate me to continue as sometimes it will get to the point where i will sit/lay in one spot for like six hours straight just reading books and drifting in and out of sleep-- i really need the support, it would mean alot to me if i could forge a full team within the next few days. Anyone of any age or level is welcome! I'm also a beginner, so no judgement here! ^^ Thank you to anyone in advance <333


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