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a month ago



Lf Teammates~ (Currently In Team;Starting new one March 13th)

Hi! I'm a teenager myself so I prefer other teens. :) The challenges I plan to do are listed below (Other info below as well). I preferably want determined and committed team mates but if you slack a little that's fine. Btw it's not going to be a strict schedule, but I'd appreciate if you don't miss more than 4-5+ days on a challenge, understandable if you do though lmao - 2024 Weight Loss Challenge/25 Days - 2020 Flat Tummy Challenge/28 Days - 2019 3 Weeks Lean Arm Challenge/21 Days - 2020 Slim Thigh Challenge/25 Days TOTAL:99 (w/just the challenges)108-121 Days (w/rest In between challenges/3-5 days rest in between challenges) Expected Start Date: Feb 5th Estimated End Date: May 25th Edit: My team is full but I'll start a new one March 13th <3


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