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7 months ago



Will Chloe Ting send an autograph?

Really random question, Christmas is around the corner and I want to gift my little sister something meaningful because she is amazing and had a rough year. My sister was the first one of us to start doing Chloe TIng workouts (years ago) and this year, I discovered them again while I was in a really rough patch and just needed something to give my life order. Whenever I do Chloe Ting workouts, I think of my little sister in the family living room and I love her for making my life better (even when she doesn´t realize she is. ). Does anyone know if its possible to buy autographed cards from Chloe? My sister loves loves loves autographs. I know, crazy weird random question - but maybe someone knows something? Thank you for reading! -m (edited by moderator)


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