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This post has been archived

This post has been archived


8 months ago

Serious Topic

Serious Topic

Missing my work out due to surgery

I've been following Chloeting's work out since 2020 during the pandemic and it changed my life dramatically. Currently, I am recovering after fallopian tube removal surgery due to ectopic pregnancy. It was devastating, one of my ways to stay away from my thoughts of loneliness is exercising but I cant do it right now. Its depressing to see my body slowly changing and I am thinking that all my efforts to loose weight has been put to waste. I keep telling my self "it's ok, allow yourself to heal first". But I can't deny the fact that I see my self in the mirror gaining weight every day! Anyways, I'm in my 1 month post surgery now. Few weeks more and I will slowly back to working out again. I'm so excited! #help #fitness #off-topic #before-after-results

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