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This post has been archived

This post has been archived


6 months ago

Serious Topic

Serious Topic

New to Chloe's community!!

Hello, well, my name is Maite, I am from Argentina. I come to tell you all about the story of how I started with Chloe's workouts. TW: TCA In 2020, a group of boys had insulted me, calling me "fat", many other things...I didn't care, but as time went by the word "Fat" haunted me, so I started vomiting the food I ate, I felt guilty for eating, but I couldn't stop, I vomited and it didn't give any results, I weighed 70 kg . But I wanted to get out of that vicious circle, so I asked my mom to take me to a nutritionist, which she did. I started a diet and walking, I lost ten kilos (60kg) until I weighed 59kg, I started Chloe's workout, a two-week workout, but since I weighed 59kg I felt so free to eat badly again, I gained one or two kilos, I'm afraid to see the weight, I don't want to, I'm avoiding it. I have been going for a walk for about two weeks, and I will continue doing so, but I decided to do some routine to have my desired body, because although I have lost ten kilos, I never had, nor do I have, a flat abdomen, or big buttocks, or nice legs. , and muscular arms, etc. So I found out, and I remembered Chloe, and I found out that she had this page, so she created the account, and today with a lot of effort I made the first day to prepare my body for summer! I would be lying to you if I said that I am not afraid; afraid of falling into eating disorders again, afraid of binge eating, but I will do everything to be able to, I am capable, like all the girls, who went through what I went through, or are consumed by their insecurities, you can! The only objective you have to face in order to be able to is yourself. (edited by moderator)

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