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2 months ago

Just Chatting

Just Chatting

Appreciation for Chloe

This post is an appreciation post to Chloe -- I started your program in May 2023 but added into my daily routine in July 2023 and I just passed the 6 month mark. I want to thank you for creating content that is easily accessible to everyone and making workout videos that are also easily accessible to anyone from their home, making it easy to do so by even using equipment easily found in anyone's home. I gained motivation, strength, confidence, and skills I didn't know I had. Over the first few months, I lost about 10 lbs. My goal hadn't been to lose weight but rather get into a new mindset, and Chloe made this possible. I am going to continue on with her program and am looking forward to even more progress! I appreciate (and I am sure I speak for so many others! ) everything you do for your community! (edited by moderator)


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