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This post has been archived

This post has been archived

You got this!

Remember you guys, when you do this workout, it doesn't matter if you did 60% or 80%, or even 10% you still did something that others didn't and quit doing. I always thought of checking off an exercise even though I just started 2 days ago. But I realized that if I checked the workout I didn't do as complete, I was lying to myself and others. I'm so sick and tired of looking in the mirror and being sad, insecure, and wishing I had someone else's "Tiny, narrow waist". A glow-up or weight loss doesn't just take 6 months, it takes as long as you need it to take. It takes so much courage to say, "Okay I'm done with this unhealthy lifestyle." You're more than you think, don't worry about not being able to do a high impact and having to do a low impact or even making up your own! (I did so many times!) It's okay! It's so worth it once the hard work pays off. Whether it's weight loss, studying or even anger management. It'll all be worth it. And I can't wait till I look in the mirror and say, "Damn, I really did that." You got this! (edited by moderator)

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