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Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly

300 min
Prep Time
0 min
Cook Time
300 min
Total Time

Milk Tea with Coffee Jelly

300 min
Prep Time
0 min
Cook Time
300 min
Total Time

Switch up your regular boba with this milk tea with coffee jelly! It’s dairy-free, sugar-free and super easy to make. Serve it with milk tea, latte, or whatever you like!

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Ingredients (2 servings)

Coffee jelly
1 tbsp gelatin powder
60ml cold water
420ml hot water
2-3 tbsp instant coffee powder
2 tbsp monk fruit erythritol sweetener
Milk tea
4 black tea bags
480ml water
80ml milk
20 ice cubes
4 tbsp monk fruit erythritol sweetener

Make coffee jelly

  1. Pour 60ml cold water in a microwave-safe bowl, then sprinkle gelatin powder over it. Let it bloom for 5 minutes.
  2. Once gelatin has bloomed and set, microwave mixture in 10 second intervals until it becomes a liquid again.
  3. Add hot water, instant coffee powder and monkfruit erythritol sweetener. Stir until everything is dissolved and well combined.
  4. Pour into a shallow dish and refrigerate for 5 hours or until set.
  5. Cut coffee jelly into 0.5 inch cubes.

Brew tea and assemble drink

  1. Brew tea in hot water according to package instructions. Sweeten to taste with monkfruit erythritol sweetener.
  2. Divide ice cubes, tea, milk and coffee jelly into two serving glasses. Stir to combine and enjoy!
  • I prefer using whole milk for this but you can also use skim milk, soy milk, oat milk or any other milk of choice to suit your dietary needs.
  • You may substitute monkfruit erythritol sweetener with any other sweetener of choice.
  • If you are sensitive to caffeine, use decaf instant coffee powder.
  • You may use freshly brewed espresso in place of instant coffee powder if you prefer. Just make sure the final volume of liquid is 480ml / 16.2 fl oz.
  • Feel free to use any tea of choice! Early grey, jasmine, oolong or matcha are also great!