25 days
 10-60 min/day

February 2020

Weight Loss, Legs
Fitness Mat


This 25 day challenge is all about inner and outer thighs! Working those legs without bulking by pairing lower body workouts and cardio. This program is beginner friendly as there are low-impact variations throughout, and no equipment is required.... Read More

2020 Slim Thigh Challenge


There's no guarantees. The program is designed to tone your legs without making them bulky. Your results will be dependent on many factors, including your starting point, your genetics and a variety of other lifestyle factors (e.g. diet).

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with bulky legs or bigger thighs! They are beautiful in their own way, and some people prefer them. If you’re aiming to avoid getting more muscular legs, stay away from high intensity/heavy lower body exercises. These are exercises that involve big explosive movements, such as jumping squats or tuck jumps - replace these with lower intensity versions such as a normal squat.

It is unlikely your legs will get bigger. Fat, rather tham muscles, usually make our legs look bigger. By losing some fat overall and working the lower body muscles, you may have slimmer more defined legs. However, genetics play a huge role in determining how fat is spread throughout our bodies and how our bodies respond to exercise.

You are recommended to do ALL videos listed for each day. E.g. if a day has three videos, you should do all three. If a video is listed twice, you should do it twice. If you're having trouble doing them, stick to the low impact versions until you get stronger. That being said, the warmup and cooldown videos are optional, and some days include other optional videos. While it's recommended you do these, they're not essential. Remember, these schedules are my recommended guide - please feel free to make changes as necessary to suit your needs.

The order in which I listed them is my recommendation. You can break them up and do them across the day, but it's worth just getting it all done in one session if you're able.

It's meant to be hard! If it wasn't hard, you wouldn't get results. Don't feel pressured in performing at 100% at the start. Go at your own pace, it's totally fine and expected. The key is to keep track of your progress, slow down and focus on your breathing and form and aim to do better each day. Soon you'll realise you're much stronger and you'll soon progress and be able to follow along all the way.

Yes, feel free to make changes as necessary and rest when you feel your body needs it. There is no one size fits all and this schedule is just my recommendation. For ladies, on your special day of the month, feel free to take the day off or do the low impact version if you can.

This depends entirely on what results you are looking for. In general, working out is just half the battle. You need to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including exercise and a (mostly) healthy diet - you don't have to eat clean/healthy all the time, but it will definitely be beneficial in the long run. If you're looking for healthy meal options, I have tons of meal ideas and What I Eat videos that contain healthy recipes and are (most importantly) YUMMY as well. Healthy food can be tasty too!