21 days
 30 min/day

June 2021

Resistance, Full Body
Fitness Mat, Resistance Bands, Dumbbells


Get fit by strengthening your entire body with this 3-week resistance program. Dumbbells and resistance bands are recommended for this challenge but beginners can try the exercises with bodyweight or filled water bottles before buying weights.... Read More

2021 Get Fit Challenge


Both of these challenges are resistance based workouts to help increase your muscle-to-fat ratio (which is also dependent on your diet), improve your strength, stamina and even improve mobility and balance! This new challenge is best suited for those who are a little further along in their fitness and training as it includes more advanced movements, and is an ideal follow up challenge for 2020’s Get Fit Challenge which may help with increasing muscle mass. However, you can do any one you prefer, just choose the right weights to challenge you. Make sure that the last few reps are quite challenging but you're still able to do it in good form. It doesn't matter what weights other people use, use what suits your current ability. If you’re a beginner, simply take it slow and easy.

The program was created with using dumbbells in mind! However, If you don’t have any, that’s okay too. You could use kettlebells if you have them but please use kettlebells in caution as well as any weights, or you can get extremely creative and use water bottles, resistance bands, rice in socks and even canned food to create some sort of resistance! The whole thing can also be done entirely with body weight, so don’t worry. Again, making it a little more challenging each time will help to build strength and muscle mass with good diet.

It really depends on how much weight training you’ve done in past. If you’re new to it, then start light. 1-4kg (2-8lbs) may be enough and you can slowly progress with heavier weights. Remember to take it slow, and focus on your form. It is far better to do the move with no/light weights with correct form, than to do the move incorrectly with weights. Do not feel pressured to use heavier weights because other people are using heavier weights. Make sure you are doing it in good form to avoid injuries.

Once you’re able to do the moves with perfect form with the weights you’re currently using, and you are finding it very easy to complete, then start increasing your weights by 0.5-2kg (1-4lbs) until you feel challenged and find yourself struggling with the last few reps. Don’t increase it by too much too soon or you may end up injuring yourself. Listen to your body, and if you need to decrease your weights half way through that’s totally fine too!

This is all dependent on your experience and how heavy the weights you are using are. As many might be just starting out, 10-15 is a nice range to get to know the movement and full range of motion so that you are engaging the right muscles. These are just estimates so don’t fret if you end up doing more or less. This workout program is a follow along so don’t over worry about reps and you also don’t need to match my reps. Just make sure that you’re challenging yourself, but also understand that it’s going to look different for everybody!

While this program focuses on resistance training, both cardio and resistance training have many different benefits. It is always nice to have a good mix of both resistance and cardio in your regular exercise routine. Just make sure you don’t overdo it - make sure you give your body enough time to recover and listen to your body if you feel like it is getting too much.

For the most part, no. It is a long process to build muscle. This program specifically uses lighter weights, and is not likely to result in that. Depending on the person, it takes A LOT of energy, time and progressive overload to grow their muscles. That being said, if you do want to put on more muscle, the program can definitely help out as well. There are many ways to do that just by adjusting the amount of weight you are using to increase the difficulty.

This challenge can also help you achieve fat loss if that is your goal. Energy balance and diet plays an important role in losing fat or gaining fat. Also, as you gain more muscle, your body burns more energy at rest. So, by training with resistance and constantly increasing the difficulty or intensity of the weights, there is large potential for fat loss. But it is also okay to do if you simply want to keep a balanced lifestyle with exercise.